Jan 10, 2024 | Club News, Community

Rylands In The Community, Warrington Rylands FC’s community foundation, are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with ‘The Warrington Food Network’, a network established in 2021 by Warrington Voluntary Action.

This collaboration aims to use the power of sport and appeal of Warrington Rylands FC to promote and support the delivery of The Warrington Food Network’s efforts throughout the town. By combining resources, expertise, and outreach, Rylands In The Community and The Warrington Food Network strive to make a substantial impact to sustainable, short and long term solutions to alleviate food poverty within Warrington.

We believe that by working together, we can create a better understanding of the food provisions available across Warrington and help promote a food support pathway,” said Andy Martin, Director at Warrington Rylands FC.

The partnership will focus on collaboration and support for community groups, charities, faith groups and public sector representatives encompassed within The Warrington Food Network.

The Warrington Food Network was founded in 2021 and is a partnership of local organisations working to tackle food poverty in Warrington. They are made up of local foodbanks, food pantries and clubs, social supermarkets as well as community groups, charities, faith organisations and public sector representatives. The Food Network work collectively to support local communities to able to access nutritious, affordable food, tackle food waste, and promote the delivery of dignified, person-centred services to help people and families out of food poverty.

Warrington Food Network’s Caitlin Bold stated “We would like to say a huge thank you to Warrington Rylands Football Club and the fans, for offering to support Warrington Food Network and its members over the coming months to raise donations and awareness of the projects which provide help and support with food across Warrington.

This partnership aligns with both organisation’s commitment to creating positive social change and fostering a supportive environment for all community members. Rylands In The Community and Warrington Food Network invite the public to join them on this journey to tackle food insecurity in Warrington.

More information, including a map of the local projects who are part of the Food Network and how you can access them can be found here: Warrington Food Network | Warrington Voluntary Action (warringtonva.org.uk)

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